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Neda Azar,
AMFT 135750; APCC 12531

Serving California

Motherhood can mean so many things for so many people. It may be an amazing gift, an unexpected challenge, or countless heartbreaks. Whether you are waking up at all hours of the night, exhausted while still caring for yourself and your family, or shifting from excitement to grief when a pregnancy is lost or yearning to have a baby but struggling to conceive, I am here to support you on your journey. I want us to talk about all these things: the perfect parts and the messy parts. Let’s welcome them all and process them together.


As someone who has experienced trauma related to women’s issues in the past, I know the pain and heartache that come with these issues. I am passionate about advocating for the needs of women and other minority populations. I welcome anyone seeking support and have a special passion for women and LGBTQ+. I will meet you where you are while I join with you in exploring your inner depths.  I strive to be multicultural and provide a safe space for you to share and process your experiences.


I am trained in EMDR and CCTP and I have experience working with individuals, and couples with complex trauma, women’s issues, loss, and grief. I utilize an integrative approach to create a safe space for you to tap into your unique self. I work collaboratively with you to devise the ideal strengths-based approach for each unique individual. As an immigrant, I gained extensive experience with diverse communities. I know firsthand that acknowledging the past can be challenging, the present can be daunting, and the future holds uncertainties. Let's be in solidarity together to revisit your past challenges, discover your potential, and embrace your future.


I also speak Persian/ Farsi.

I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist under the supervision Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Rebecca Johnson, LMFT 99028

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$140 per session

In network with Aetna, CIGNA, MHN, CA Health and Wellness, HealthNet, and HealthNet Federal Insurance Plans and Straight Medi-cal Plans (please note this does not include managed care medi-cal for questions email us now) .

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