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 Find Balance in the Chaos: How to be Present and Create Balance as a Parent
 Find Balance in the Chaos: How to be Present and Create Balance as a Parent

December 2024- Date and Time TBD


Google Meet

Find Balance in the Chaos: How to be Present and Create Balance as a Parent

Dive into practical strategies, insightful tips, and heartwarming guidance to navigate parenthood with grace. Join us as we explore the art of being present amidst life's demands while rediscovering joy in parenting. Live and recorded for all ticket holders


December 2024- Date and Time TBD

Google Meet


Parenting is undoubtedly a challenging journey, and when you add the demands of work, school, relationships, and holidays, it can often feel like an overwhelming list that never ends. Join us for a transformative session where we'll explore practical ways to infuse moments of calm and connection into the whirlwind of responsibilities.

Together we will learn ways to:

  1. Navigate Life's Demands: Delve into strategies for managing the multifaceted demands of parenting, work, school, relationships, and the holiday hustle. Learn how to create a sense of order and prioritize effectively.
  2. Cultivate Moments of Calm: Discover mindful practices that bring moments of peace amidst the chaos. Explore techniques to stay grounded and present, fostering a harmonious atmosphere for both parents and children.
  3. Build Connection within the Family: Explore ways to strengthen family bonds amidst busy schedules. Learn effective communication techniques and activities that promote connection, creating a supportive environment for every family member.
  4. Challange the Balancing Act for Parents: Uncover insights into achieving personal balance while juggling various responsibilities. Explore self-care practices that allow parents to recharge and feel more centered in their daily lives.

Plus share experiences, challenges, and successes with others who get it!

By the end of this session, you'll leave with practical tools to bring more balance to your family dynamics while fostering a sense of balance within yourself. Join us in creating a harmonious and connected family life amid life's myriad demands. Parenthood can be challenging, but together, we'll make it a more balanced and joyful journey. 🌟

Class will be live in Decemeber 2024 (exact date and time to be determined) and recorded for on-demand access for ticket holders

Led by Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson, LMFT,​ is passionate about service and advocacy for the field of perinatal mental health. Working as the Chief Operating Officer and a Clinical Supervisor for Dancy Perinatal, she is able to help guide a growing network of highly trained and incredible therapists. She has worked in mental health for 15 years through community agencies, non-profits, and her own private practice. Her specialties include perinatal, infertility, and grief counseling, working with birth professionals, EMDR (Trauma), Brainspotting (Trauma), and sex therapy. On a more personal note, Rebecca is blessed to be the mother of 2 beautiful children and an amazing bonus daughter. She loves to find balance in nature and reading (or listening) to a good book. 


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