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After a "Bad Birth" Help For The Professional

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How to Cope and How to Heal 2 hr class- 2 CEUs If you feel overwhelmed by clients' difficult birth experiences you are NOT the only one! Most training does not cover the psychological impact of birth support on a professional. Birth workers are left trying to piece together a solution and wondering: "What do I DO to cope after a bad outcome?!" Research demonstrates that the leading cause of burnout and turnover is due to unresolved professional trauma. Professionals who have the information they need to heal have lower rates of illness, turnover, absenteeism and more. Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel joy in your career again? In this class you’ll learn how to apply the latest evidence in mental health and trauma so you can heal after distressing experiences. Give yourself the gift that lasts a career: the know-how to heal from your work. Learn how to: Understand your nervous system and why some births just “hit you harder” Decrease professional trauma (yes, even after a bad birth) Foster Resilience in yourself and your coworkers Leave with a plan for your acute care after your next hard birth By the end of this course participants will be able to: Understand trauma as a function of the nervous system and memory, and therefore preventable. Implement a 5-step evidence-based approach immediately after a “bad birth” to reduce distress and trauma *Krysta Dancy-Cabeal is a continuing education provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #CEP17110.


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