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Our Story

Hi, I'm Krysta Dancy

I'm a therapist and new families have been my specialty for years. I started Dancy Perinatal because I couldn't handle having to turn away one more postpartum or pregnant client with nowhere to send them. I wanted a place that I knew provided good counseling so that is what I created.


Families are everything

A strong and healthy family is a gift for our children. I am passionate about perinatal mental health because I believe the family is the origin of our story. I know that it is worth hard work because families matter.


And famlies are in crisis . Current estimates tells us that rates of anxiety (72%) and depression (41%) in new moms are the highest we have ever seen. We simply cannot wait to address this issue. Maternal mental health needs support now.


You probably know the drill

It's so hard to find a therapist who "gets it". As a mom myself, I knew what my clients were going through just to find support and then drive there! Scheduling, traffic, sick children, childcare issues... the barriers are many!


I knew there had to be a better way...

I wanted a place I could feel good about

Our therapists are highly trained so they can provide postpartum counseling, pregnancy counseling, and birth trauma counseling. This includes:

  • Postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety

  • Birth trauma and PTSD

  • Mood disorders during pregnancy (anxiety and depression)

  • The emotional toll of Infertility

  • Suicidality and self harm

  • Infant and pregnancy loss

  • Sexual relationship issues

  • Partner transition into parenthood

  • Surrogacy

  • LGBTQ families

  • ...and more



I wanted a place that made it easy for new parents

Everything at Dancy Perinatal has been designed with your ease in mind- 

  • Easy online scheduling

  • Simple automated billing

  • Secure telehealth that you can access through your phone

... all of these are meant to remove the barriers and get you the help you're seeking, simply.



I have seen the power of good therapy

I know that it restores families and relationships. I know that it gives new parents back to their loved ones. I know amazing things are possible with the right help. Dancy Perinatal Counseling is my way of making that more accessible for families. 


Have questions?


Let's do this!

Ready to make this happen? Find Support Now for you or Check out our groups.

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