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2-Part Couples Restoration
2-Part Couples Restoration

Thu, Nov 07


Virtual Class

2-Part Couples Restoration

Ignite the spark in your relationship! Join our exclusive 2-part couples workshop designed to strengthen bonds, enhance communication, and rediscover love. Limited seats available!


Nov 07, 2024, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM PST

Virtual Class


As the instructor of the class, I recognize the common challenges faced by couples like yourselves who grapple with persistent emotional distance and communication breakdowns. It's evident that the pain you experience is deeply rooted in the frustration of unmet needs, unresolved conflicts, and the fear of growing apart. Your urgent desire for guidance and tools to rebuild intimacy and understanding underscores the significance of this class, serving as a vital resource to navigate the complexities of your struggles and revitalize the connection that initially brought you together.

This class- led by TOPIC expert Jessica Selby is a great start strengthening the relationship.

As a therapist who specializes in this issue, I will cover -

  • Effective Communication Skills: Couples will learn and practice communication techniques that enhance understanding, reduce misunderstandings, and foster healthy dialogue.
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies: The class will provide tools for addressing and resolving conflicts constructively, helping couples navigate disagreements and find mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Building Emotional Intimacy: Couples will explore ways to deepen emotional connections, fostering intimacy and a sense of closeness in their relationship.
  • Identifying and Managing Expectations: Participants will gain insights into their own and their partner's expectations, learning how to navigate differences and align their goals for a more harmonious partnership.
  • Enhancing Empathy and Understanding: The class will focus on developing empathy, promoting a better understanding of each other's perspectives, and cultivating a supportive environment.
  • Strengthening Trust: Couples will work on rebuilding and reinforcing trust in their relationship, addressing issues that may have eroded trust over time.

…Plus lots of chances to ask questions and talk with other families who get what you're going through!

Gain Real Tools

Understand yourself better and leave with 3 tools you can immediately use to

  • Mindfulness and Presence: Participants will learn techniques for being present in the moment, fostering a deeper connection by cultivating awareness and attentiveness in their interactions.
  • Expressing Appreciation and Gratitude: Participants will discover the power of expressing appreciation and gratitude, contributing to a positive and affirming relationship dynamic.
  • Creating Rituals of Connection: The class may encourage couples to establish rituals that strengthen their bond, such as regular date nights or shared activities.

Join us Thursdays November 7th & November 14th from 4 p.m.-6 p.m. for this 2 part Couples Restoration

About the Instructor

Jessica Selby, AMFT 131107

Serving California

I am a compassionate therapist specializing in couples counseling. I bring a dedicated and empathetic approach to help couples navigate the complexities of their relationships. My therapeutic expertise focuses on addressing issues such as communication breakdowns, emotional distance, and unresolved conflicts, guiding couples towards rebuilding intimacy and fostering a deeper understanding of each other. Committed to creating a safe and supportive space, I empower couples to explore and implement effective tools and strategies that promote lasting, positive change in their relationships. With a foundation in evidence-based practices and a genuine passion for fostering healthy connections, I am dedicated to assisting couples on their journey to rediscovering and revitalizing their bond.


  • General Admission Ticket

    Sale ends: Nov 07, 3:50 PM PST
    +$1.00 service fee
  • Pre-Sale Ticket

    Sale ends: Oct 13, 11:50 PM PDT
    +$0.50 service fee



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