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On Demand: Debriefing Skills: Birth Professional

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A 4-Part Series -6 CE hours Birth Professionals- Learn birth debriefing skills to decrease trauma, increase resilience and leave your clients or patients with a lasting positive impression. If you feel overwhelmed by clients' difficult birth experiences you are NOT the only one! Most training does not cover the psychological depth that you find when you attend births. Birth workers are left trying to piece together a solution and wondering: "What do I DO to help my clients after a difficult birth?!" Research demonstrates that a skilled debrief after a difficult or traumatic birth can make a lasting difference. Moms who have the opportunity to debrief with a professional have ⅓ of the trauma, less stress, lower incidence of depression and more confidence in future pregnancies. Wouldn't it be incredible to give this to your clients? In this class you’ll learn how to apply the latest evidence in mental health and debrief birth confidently with your clients. Give them the gift that lasts a lifetime: a supported start to their parenting relationship. By the end of this course participants will be able to: Apply the official Dancy Debrief Model with clients to reduce distress and trauma symptoms postpartum Describe the causes of psychological trauma after birth Utilize an evidence-based approach to improve postpartum mental health in clients and patients After this class you will be able to immediately and effectively help your clients debrief and heal after a hard birth.

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