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Medical Specialists
91% of physicians want an implemented PTSD support system in their workplace



How Does It Work?

For a low monthly membership fee your organization provides the Critical Incident Support Program solutions to your employees or students. This 6-week structured offering is not therapy. Rather it is a rapid-response symptom reduction approach that is intended to create longevity in the workplace.


What Does This Provide?

Rapid-response scheduling with an online provider (one-on-one) who is specially trained in research-oriented trauma reduction and symptom management. It also provides total confidentiality for your organization's members who might otherwise avoid seeking help when they need it most.


Who Does It Help?
Any member, employee or student in your organization who is exposed to a Critical Incident through the process of their medical or birth work or training. This includes:


  • Workplace violence

  • Poor patient outcomes

  • Secondary or vicarious trauma

More Questions? Read our FAQ



Staff who receive trauma-informed support have lower absenteeism, higher job satisfaction and improved job retention. 


They report feeling more confident in their work and more supportive of patients' emotional needs. When staff are well-cared for, everyone wins.


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