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Thank you for your interest in joining Dancy Perinatal Counseling!

We are currently seeking a California licensed therapist to join our team.

Who We Are

Dancy Perinatal is a nationwide perinatal mental health support system. We offer therapy, coaching, support groups, and classes for perinatal families. Founded by Krysta Dancy, this organization is rapidly growing to meet the needs of families and the professionals who serve them. As a therapist-created and therapist-run organization- we focus on creating a supportive connected environment for our staff. We know good therapy and we work hard to remove the barriers so that therapists can offer supportive and client-focused therapy. We believe in work-life balance, clear communication, a light caseload with minimal paperwork. We want good therapists to spend most of their time doing what they love- caring for clients. We work hard to create a supportive cohort environment in which our staff receive ongoing CE training related to perinatal mental health and peer support. We know that clinicians work best when they are well supported as they grow. We believe that perinatal mental health is a true specialty and we seek to elevate the standard for perinatal care givers.

Where we are going

We currently offer nationwide coaching, support groups, and classes for perinatal families and providers. We currently serve California, Minnesota, Washington, Texas, and Florida for individual and couples therapy. Additionally we launched our nationwide Critical Incident Support Program (CISP) for providers who experience critical incidents at work. We know that when caregivers are cared for, families thrive. We continue to expand our support group and class offerings as we add new staff with a variety of expertise and backgrounds. This is an organization with unlimited growth potential for those who love perinatal families.

How do you fit in?

We know the need for quality, highly trained perinatal therapists is there and we want to grow to meet that need. We are seeking to create a network of trusted perinatal therapists who are passionate about perinatal mental health and interested in seeing perinatal clients through our organization. We take care of almost all scheduling, intake, billing and hassle. You would simply be the therapist! We have an easy to use note template to make paperwork a breeze. During this work you could maintain your own practice, or whatever else you like! We would ask that you realistically could accommodate a minimum of 10 clients per week in your schedule. We are flexible on your available hours (set the schedule that works for you) but we ask that your availability is consistent with at least one evening or weekend day available. Licensed Clinicians: As a trusted contract relationship we would also ask that you participate in our regular consultation groups and our ongoing perinatal classes. We offer free perinatal classes for those who have not yet completed training or certification in this area in order to ensure a level of expertise related to this population. Base pay starts at $70/client session and increases with case load and time employed. Pre-licensed Clinicians: We are passionate about providing quality education and support to beginning clinicians which has driven us to grow our pre-licensure cohort. We offer weekly individual and group supervision and on-going training. Upon hire you will receive free classes in perinatal mental health in order to ensure a level of expertise related to this population. Base pay starts at $35/client session and increases with case load and time employed.

Yes! I'd like to join the team!

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