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Kendy Faye, MA

Nationwide Perinatal Coach

Hi! Welcome. Thank you for being here.

From intimacy to birth, and postpartum beyond, our reproductive experiences have the potential to radically transform our lives. Around the world, seasons of creating, tending to, expecting, and/or grieving life are as universal as they are unique.

For over a decade, I’ve had the immense privilege of serving as an international educator and doula, supporting families in their homes throughout six countries, across 5 continents. As such, my approach integrates a variety of practices to honor the profound ways that culture influences our healing journeys. 


As a survivor and researcher of sexual and perinatal trauma, I also understand the unanticipated challenges that can accompany the processes of conception, birth-giving, parenting and relating with our loved ones. It is a true privilege and pleasure to support you in reclaiming your agency as you forge new ways forward with authenticity and meaning.

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$140 per session

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