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Navigating Challenges in the Journey to Conception
Navigating Challenges in the Journey to Conception

October 2024- Date and Time TBD


Google Meet

Navigating Challenges in the Journey to Conception

Join us for an intimate adventure! 🌟 Explore the challenges and gain tools to skillfully ride (pun intended) the highs and lows of intimacy while on the path to conception. Live and recorded for all ticket holders


October 2024- Date and Time TBD

Google Meet


Embarking on the journey to conceive can be a beautiful and hopeful experience for couples. However, it often comes with its set of challenges that can impact the emotional and physical intimacy within the relationship. 

If you find yourself facing:

  • Increased Pressure and Expectations
  • Timed Intercourse
  • Medical Procedures and Interventions
  • Communication Challenges 
  • Negative Impact on Romance and Connection

Then this is class for you. Together we will explore ways to

  1. Deepen Connection: Dive into practical strategies that infuse your relationship with emotional and physical closeness, creating a harmonious bond.
  2. Pleasureful Presence: Explore the art of shifting your focus to pleasure over performance and learn the secret to turning moments of vulnerability into joyous experiences, where pleasure takes center stage.
  3. Hopeful Hearts: Navigate through challenges with a sprinkle of hope, finding silver linings and keeping the flame alive.
  4. Resilient Rhythms: Dance through life's twists and turns with newfound resilience, turning towards your partner in hard times.

This class is a blend of laughter, love, lighthearted lessons, and deep appreacition and empathy for the challenges that arise as you try to concieve. Conceiving may have its hurdles, but the journey can be filled with love, laughter, and shared experiences. Together, let's create a space where intimacy thrives, and the path to parenthood becomes a shared adventure.

Class will be live in October 2024 (exact date and time to be determined) and recorded for on-demand access for ticket holders

Led by Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson, LMFT,​ is passionate about service and advocacy for the field of perinatal mental health. Working as the Chief Operating Officer and a Clinical Supervisor for Dancy Perinatal, she is able to help guide a growing network of highly trained and incredible therapists. She has worked in mental health for 15 years through community agencies, non-profits, and her own private practice. Her specialties include perinatal, infertility, and grief counseling, working with birth professionals, EMDR (Trauma), Brainspotting (Trauma), and sex therapy. On a more personal note, Rebecca is blessed to be the mother of 2 beautiful children and an amazing bonus daughter. She loves to find balance in nature and reading (or listening) to a good book. 


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    Sale ends: Dec 01, 3:00 PM
    +$0.50 service fee
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    Sale ends: Dec 01, 11:50 PM
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