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Big Emotions, Little Bodies: How to Teach and Help Regulate Emotions in Young Children


Join us for this enriching 90-minute class to gain valuable insights, practical tools, and a deeper understanding of how to navigate and nurture the big emotions in the little bodies of the children you care for. Together, let's create a positive and emotionally supportive environment for our young ones (and you) to thrive.


Class Highlights:

  • Introduction to Emotional Development:Gain a foundational understanding of emotional development in young children. Explore the various emotions they experience and the importance of emotional intelligence in early childhood.R
  • Teaching Emotional Literacy: Discover practical methods for teaching emotional literacy to young children. Explore age-appropriate activities and games that foster emotional awareness and expression.
  • Regulation Techniques: Explore effective techniques for helping children regulate their emotions. Understand the role of self-regulation in emotional well-being and learn strategies to support children in developing these skills.
  • Communication Strategies: Learn effective communication strategies to connect with children during moments of heightened emotions. Understand the importance of active listening and validating feelings.
  • Practical Applications: Engage in scenarios to apply the concepts discussed in real-life situations. Develop a toolkit of practical strategies to implement in your interactions with young children.


Led by Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson, LMFT,​ is passionate about service and advocacy for the field of perinatal mental health. Working as the Chief Operating Officer and a Clinical Supervisor for Dancy Perinatal, she is able to help guide a growing network of highly trained and incredible therapists. She has worked in mental health for 15 years through community agencies, non-profits, and her own private practice. Her specialties include perinatal, infertility, and grief counseling, working with birth professionals, EMDR (Trauma), Brainspotting (Trauma), and sex therapy. On a more personal note, Rebecca is blessed to be the mother of 2 beautiful children and an amazing bonus daughter. She loves to find balance in nature and reading (or listening) to a good book. 

Big Emotions, Little Bodies

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