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“Baby is on the way! Now what?”

All eyes are on your partner’s growing belly, newborn onesies are beginning to fill your drawers, and you’re beginning to wonder where you fit in.


Non-birthing partners play a vital role in the postpartum period. Along with the birthing parent, they too find themselves in the midst of a major life change without so much as an instruction manual.

This class- led by Andrea Freeman, LCSW is a great start to help you feel empowered and prepared to embark on this next phase of life.

As a therapist who specializes perinatal mental health, we will cover 3 key topics to help you welcome baby home with confidence:

  • What to expect: What does life with a new baby really look like?
  • Setting your family up for success: what you can do now to get ready
  • How to factor in your own needs into the equation

…Plus lots of chances to ask questions and talk with other parents who get what you're going through!

Gain Real Tools

Understand yourself better and leave with 3 tools you can immediately use to

  • Effectively share the load with your partner
  • Be aware of mental health warning signs
  • Attend to your own feelings and needs


About the Instructor

Andrea Freeman, LCSW is a licensed therapist who specializes in helping families navigate the perinatal phase of life. She is also a mother of two fast-growing boys.

Partner Prep 101

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$9.99Sale Price
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