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Krysta Dancy

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Krysta Dancy- CEO, Licensed Therapist, Birth Professional

Krysta is a licensed trauma therapist with over twenty years of experience in perinatal trauma and mental health. She is a certified birth doula and the founder and CEO of Dancy Perinatal Inc- a nationwide mental healthcare company for perinatal families and their care givers. As a post graduate instructor with over 30 years of professional speaking experience she is a sought after keynote and workshop leader internationally on the subject of trauma-informed care and care-provider trauma.

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Course Sample

Patient Trauma-

  • Preventing trauma in birth care

  • Caring for trauma survivors

  • Assessment and referral for trauma

  • Debriefing skills for birth professionals

  • Tools for co-regulation

Professional Trauma
  • Preventing and addressing professional trauma

  • Addressing burnout

  • Tools for birth professionals to cope 

  • Shifting obstetric culture 

  • Loving your career again

Therapeutic tools for care-giving professionals
  • Consultation and active listening

  • Improving patient communication

  • Creating a trauma-informed prenatal plan

  • Assessment and referral for perinatal mental health

  • CNS informed tools for the patient

  • Debriefing a difficult birth

"When I say that it really made a difference in my life, and for the better, I mean it. It's been great for my patients. I'm more mindful of my impact on them and how I can help not be a source of trauma for them.

Callie Van Voorhis Allen, RN

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